Halloween is near


M'Kenzie Daniels

It is almost October 31, the time when we get to dress up and run around the neighborhood for free candy. Halloween is a day of joy and fun with friends. Some people go as witches, some goes as lambs or other stuff.

“I am going to be Jack Skellington, because he is my idol and my husband,” joked Kayla Reisner 8th grader.

Everybody has their best opinions to go Trick or Treating, or what candy they prefer.

“I don’t really have any plans this year but they usually happen last minute,” said Kimani Cain,7th grade.

“My favorite candy is chocolate, because it melts in your mouth,” Reisner said.“ I go to my Ggrandma’s house and hand out candy to trick or treaters.” 

“My favorite candy is Twix because the caramel makes the chocolate taste better,” Cain said.

So what is Halloween all about? It began in 2500 BC Halloween began and we still celebrate it 2,000 years later.

“I like Halloween, because I get to stay up late in the dark, and I like the dark,” Reisner said. Halloween takes up several chapters in the book of life.

Editor’s Note: Delaney Costello contributed to this article.