My Goals

Allura Lugo, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Allura and I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High.


This year I’m trying to focus on school a lot more, making it my goal to have good grades but also a healthy social life. Which in my opinion is easier said than done. My mom usually isn’t hard on me when it comes to grades but I asked her to push me more and make sure I get things done on time because I struggle with procrastinating. Last year I was more social and had more friends. I also surrounded and focused on  boys, that’s why this year I’m trying to find a healthy in between.To achieve my goal I’m gonna set rules for myself such as always do your homework right when you get home, go through and check all your answers, don’t go hang out with friends when you have a bad grade. Or if I do make sure I finished all my homework beforehand so I have it done and don’t have to worry about it later because I will most likely forget.


Another goal I set for myself is to build a better relationship with God and Jesus which means I should  go to church more. Because as of right now I haven’t been going as much.

Hopefully doing that will help me grow to be a better person. My mom has strong faith and goes to church alot and I want to be like her. Church is really important to me and I want to stop resenting it because it hinders me from hanging out with friends yet it’s more important than that because god created us, which a lot of people might not agree with. 


One of my less important goals but still one that I hope to achieve is trying to get better when it comes to my looks. Over the summer I went to school shopping a lot and found my style and I love it because now im more confident in what I wear and I’m happier in comfortable cute clothes