My stressful summer


Tralee Warren, Staff reporter

Hello, my name is Tralee Warren and i am in 7th grade . My summer was a catastrophe of its own and I didn’t really spend it like I wanted too. Moving couches and boxes out of a house , and then having to deal with my brothers wasn’t my greatest achievement of my summer. The greatest accomplishment of this summer was probably getting through not having anyone  to hang out with . You are probably guessing that i’m a loner or an outcast, and you are true about that. it’s just that my only friend didn’t live anywhere near me now that I had to move towns. I didn’t even have her phone number because my old phone had broken,and all of my old phone numbers and contacts were not on my backup files.


My summer started of with me figuring out that my mom had been keeping the secret of moving from me and my siblings . I obviously was angry because I had just made yearbook at randolph and i would have to go to a new school. So we started putting things into boxes and moving sofas into trucks it took up most of my summer. There were highlights of my summer . I got to go to the new legoland , that was in a mall in San Antonio . I also got to celebrate my birthday I had rainbow pasta with rainbow plates , and I finally told my mom about a girl . I was really scared that at Dobie  I wouldn’t have anyone else like me there but surprisingly , there were a lot of kids in the lgbt just like me it was great to meet so many different people from all different backgrounds. Even though I was pretty antisocial coming here I have been getting better at talking to people without being awkward.

I made a lot of goals for this year and many of them had to do with making friends and not getting into drama which I have done great so far . I don’t expect to have no friends by the end of this year so I am trying to be as helpful to them and not be as annoying as i’m usually. My summer was a stressful mess that was able to be dealt with very quickly , and I regret none of it.