My Summer in Colorado


Austin Lovato, staff reporter

Hello my name is Austin Lovato. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High school. This paper is about my summer. After school ended, I had my birthday celebration at Six Flags, I had the best time in years. Then a week later I went to San Antonio International Airport, and got on a flight to Denver, Colorado to visit my dad for the whole summer. After I landed we started the four hour drive to Rocky Ford.


The first thing me and my siblings did was go to the pool. The next day I got my birthday present, my dad bought me a 1989 Kawasaki 80 two stroke dirt bike. The first time I rode it I crashed into the boat trailer hitch and bruised my wrist, then I got back on the bike and started riding again. For the next month me my brother and our friend rode dirt bikes. 


The next major thing that happened was when I was riding one day and I needed gas so I stopped riding for a minute to get more. When I got done my bike wouldn’t start but when it did it was to late. “CRACK!” I felt something hit my helmet, I looked up and saw a really big branch and then it hit me. All I remembered after that was waking up in a tree sized branch. Luckily everyone was home so it wasn’t just my brother and friend helping me out.