My First Time Moving


Jaci Anderson, Staff Reporter

My First Time Moving


Hello, my name is Jaci Anderson, I am currently in the 7th grade at J. Frank Dobie Junior High. I’m going to be honest with y’all. This summer was one of  the most boring summer’s I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t see myself moving for the first time in my life, but I did. A couple of days into the summer was relaxed, wasn’t worried about anything. I just thought I was going to have a couple vacations, and then have my 7th grade year at Kitty Hawk. A few weeks later…I was looking at houses. We looked in TONS on neighborhoods. Finally, we came across “Charlton Parke” or something. My family and I really liked the houses in it.

My father put an offer on the house, and they accepted! At the same time, our house was under contract by someone else. Some days passed and I was moving everything in my house into 2 GINORMOUS trucks. The next day our house was officially bought by someone else, and I had a brand new house!

When we all settled in our 2 story “mansion” (not really), my mother’s friend invited us to go to the Comal River with her family. My sister, mom, and I all accepted. Then, started packing our bags and heading there. We all had an astonishing time, we floated the river, and went to a really popular water park! (I forgot the name).Couple days later, we had to go back home. 

August… the ending of summer. The only thing I really did was play Roblox and Minecraft while on FaceTime with my friends, Isabella, Malorey, Thomas, Maddie, and Camryn. Next, I went to get unenrolled out of Kitty Hawk, and registered into Dobie. The next couple of days went by like light traveling from one spot to another. That’s literally how fast it went by. I was SO nervous about going back to school. I was so new to the district, I didn’t know one single person. My anxiety was getting the best of me, for the first week. Now, I’m doing somewhat better. So, hopefully it’ll get to the point where it was better than my time at Kitty Hawk.