My very relaxed summer


Justus Bladen, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Justus Bladen. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High and this is my story about my summer. On the first day of my summer I slept in for the first time but originally I woke up at six and almost got fully ready to go to school, then I realized I was out of school so I went up to the couch where I was sleeping, layed down and went back to sleep. Later that day I started to binge watch The Flash to catch up for the new season that was coming out  later in the summer and stayed up until 6 o’clock the next day and that was basically my first day of summer.


Fast forward into July, I was driving for three hours to Galveston to see the fireworks and when I arrived at the hotel I had no words to describe how good it looked on the inside because for the first 2 days we stayed at a resort and for the rest of the day I sat in the apartment relaxing on the pull out couch watching T.V. and eating pizza. On the second day at the resort two of my childhood friends drove over to the resort to come see us and we had a grill out and us kids went to play mini golf at the course. After we finished the course we went back to the apartment to eat and oh my gosh was the food good! we had fajitas and they were so good. For the rest of the night we talked in the apartment and Ceci, Serenity(my sister), and I had a talk about what we missed through all these years. About 1 day later we had prepared the baby and everyone for the fireworks ,ate, and waited. When the fireworks were launched it was one of the most beautiful firework displays I have ever seen.


Later when we started nearing the beginning of the school year. I had plans  to go to a water park but ended up not going because it was super hot and we didn’t want to drive for so long to the water park. In other news when I started to approach the school year  I started a 3 day journey to develop my very own signature because I wanted a signature that only I could produce and that no one else can do so that I don’t have to develop it later and so that I could use it now and when I get my debit card. Anyway, that was my summer of 2019 hoped you enjoyed, goodbye.