Another Summer Drought

Antonio Padilla , Staff Reporter

What I expected my summer to be was traveling to places because my family never goes anywhere besides the beach. But it ended being the same as always, which was watching my brother all summer while not even being able to go out, because they didn’t want him alone.


 Sometimes they would let me out of the house to do things with friends, but we didn’t travel like I’ve always wanted to. But I don’t know why we don’t. I have gone to the Grand Canyon, but i was little. During the summer I went places like Evo and Urban Air. I also played Rainbow Six Siege.


 But to make this more interesting my friends who actually travel went to see the beaches of California,Stevie Wonder, they also got to see the observatory there.       I just wish i could go on cruises and stuff like that but we don’t. We went to the beach though we were only there for 1 hour until we started to go back home.