Dobie cheerleaders show school spirit

M'Kenzie Daniels, Staff reporter

From football to basketball to competitions and more, Dobie cheerleaders work hard to show school spirit during games, events and more.

“I joined cheer because it’s something I like to do,”  said Jadyn Jackson, 8th grader.

Cheerleaders meet for class each day to work on their skills. They also have practice and games after school. BEing a cheerleader takes physical strength and stamina. Cheerleaders must also be good role models to other students. To be a member of the team, the girls must try out the year before.

“I decided to coach cheer because I like the sport and enjoy coaching what I know,” said Mrs. Santos, Co-Sponsor.

Each cheerleaders has a specific position.

“I am a back spot,” Nia McPherson, 8th grader. 

“I’m a flyer,” Jadyn Jackson.

The cheerleaders perform cheers and dances and more. They are often the face of Dobie because they are front-and-center in uniform.

“In cheer we do stunts, dance, and cheering,” said Mrs. Garcia, co-sponsor.

It’s hard work, but cheerleaders enjoy helping and supporting Dobie.

“I like cheer, because its something I like to do,” said Jadyn.