Not The Best Summer

Tara Johnson, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Tara Johnson. I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Jr.High School. I decided to talk about my summer instead of school goals because I don’t really like making or talking about school goals.


My summer started off pretty normal. A lot of hanging out with friends, playing video games, wrecking my friends at Pokemon, stuff like that. Pretty normal for me really, so nothing too exciting. There were a few fights between me and friends and people my friends are friends with but other than that and stuff going on between my parents, life was great.


Near the middle of the summer my parents told me they were going to divorce. From there, my life only got worse… a lot worse. My parents had stopped kind of calmed down about what was going on before but now it was starting up again.


Not only was my family falling apart but my friends were turning against me. They were talking about me behind my back and just being darn right jerks. I started to pretty much block myself off from the world, I was tired of my life trying to destroy me. 


School started up and well… things were still getting worse and worse. Me and my friends kept fighting, things around my house kept breaking and not working, and then my parents told me that the house I have lived in sense I was 6 months old… was now for sale… my parents didn’t have enough money to keep it.


So… yeah… my summer was by far the worst one of my life… and I haven’t even had the chance to recover from it because more and more things keep happening.