My Summer Vacation


Niobe Williams, Staff Reporter

 Hi, my name is Niobe Williams, an 8th grader who happens to be in journalism. I would like to inform you of what happened throughout the 3 months of freedom that all children crave for at the end of the year.


 Well, to start off, It definitely wasn’t as exciting as previous summers but I was okay with that, after all, all anyone wants to do is to kick back and relax. Anxiety and stress never got anyone anywhere, plus, it’s not exactly good for your health. I would listen to music, play games on Nintendo switch, draw, and watch YouTube. Sometimes I would play with my dad on his ps4. So it was your typical teen summer. I did have summer reading that I had to do, but I had 3 months to do it and I didn’t want to spend even the first couple days of my summer doing school related things. I tossed my book-bag in my closet and I promptly forgot about it. I was burnt out from the final exams and even thinking about it gave me a sense of dread. 


 Near the end of the 2nd month of summer, I was packing up to go to my aunt’s place since it had been finally completed. My older sister was also going to be there so I was excited about it. We played basketball together and spent some quality time while my dad and my granddad were barbecuing. 2 weeks after this, I was told that we were heading back because there would be a family reunion. I admit, I was kinda nervous. There would be people that I had never met before, A LOT of people. When we got to the first meetup spot, it was set up in a fancy looking building, well, at least on the inside. It was just kinda a thing where we just sat down, ate, talked a bit, and then left. 


 The next day, we met up in another spot. This building had a water park. So when the presentation that was being shown was over, they gave whoever was going into the water park a bracelet. Man, even though at the time, I didn’t know how to swim, I had a blast. I met a couple of my distant family members that I didn’t know before and I stayed until the park closed. But the best is coming up last. After I got changed back into my regular clothes, me and my family went to Golden Corral. Let me tell you, I absolutely murdered my plate of steaks like it was a turkey on Thanksgiving. About 2 days after this event when I was back home. I was being picked up by my sister to go stay with her for about 2 weeks. I met up with her boyfriend’s stepmother and stepsister and we had a blast together. I actually learned how to swim while I was there. When me and my sister eventually went back to San Antonio, I realized that I haven’t done my summer reading project. By this point, school was coming up and I was just rushing to complete this stupid book and fill in quotes and things like that.. Finally after grueling days of hard work and effort, I completed it in the nick of time and could finally get ready for school, stress free…


I would talk about the first week but that’s a topic for another day..