My goals with musicals and politics

Stella Longoria, Staff Reporters

Hi, my name is Stella Longoria. I’m an eighth grader at Dobie junior high. So far this year has been chill. Though, I fear that I’ll fail like last year ( a miracle I even passed). I am very excited for US history, about two years ago I found a musical called Hamilton which sparked my interest in history and politics. I also hope that I’ll be passing by spring break. My family pans to go to New York because my sister is playing at Carnegie hall. My dad said that if i’m passing all my classes, I can see a musical on Broadway.

I hope to see Hadestown if i go to New York, its one of my favorite musicals. I hope to succeed in journalism. I think it is very important to be informed in today’s news, with all the shootings happening and now with the recent shootings in Odessa Texas, I think its even more important now that they’re getting closer to San Antonio. I want to have a career in politics one day, and I feel that I’ll need to know how to connect to the people and the press.

While I do find it easy to write and to talk, I want to do better. Last year I wanted to join UIL for speech, but me being a big stupid, forgot and got on the bus. I am awful at arguing with others without breaking down crying, so i would have been bad anyway. So to finish the sandwich of my worries, I am very excited for this school year.