Hello my name Christian Cooper and im in 8th grade.

My summer was good and the most interesting thing that happened was a baseball tournament. So we were going to Houston to play against National ranked teams in Texas. We stayed in fancy hotels. My team and I felt tired after every game and we felt like we wanted to pass out on the field every time we went onto the field.


So every time when we went back to the hotel we wouldn’t change we would jump straight into the pool and our parents would yell at us. The next day we would be complaining about our legs hurting bc we swam for so long.We almost lost every game we play but we came through and won one games and against the worst team. But the last game we played we ended up losing.


After our last game the whole team was down and we went back to the room and played videos games for the rest of the time until we had to leave to go home. After a few weeks the team split but most of them went to the same team but i went to a different one they are called the lobos and i’ve been with them ever since. That my Personal Column.