My goals for this year


Angelica Rivera, Staff Reporter

 Hi! My name is Angelica Rivera. But you can call me Angie if you want (most people can’t pronounce it right.) I’m 12 and in 7th grade at Dobie Jr. High School. So far, besides spending time doing my homework, I enjoy this school! But.. if kids weren’t so.. weirdly gross? I don’t know how to say it in the nicest way possible but I would REALLY like it to stop. Hallway kissing. Not to be rude to those of you who think its okay but it needs to stop. It’s highly considered disturbing and not in a good way.

I like to consider myself as the “nerd” in this school- just.. not the actual boring type. One of the goals I’d like to reach this year is to have a chance to face my fears of people. I’m the kind of person who would back out any way possible if you dare put me up on stage – even if there’s only two people.. Though I hope not to have a project solo, I also would like to believe that which ever solo project I have helps me conquer my shyness. My last goal for this year is to not get so emotional.. And have a “relationship.” Or so how my dad likes to call it, “friend.” It might sound silly to you, but I’d just like a chance to experience how relationships work. My dad might say that I’m too young, but dad, if you’re reading this.. sorry not sorry.

About being emotional.. and I mean extremely. I don’t usually need to be specifically be yelled at by the person, but as long as it’s somebody else getting yelled at, I’m scarred for life. I wouldn’t dare say a word until I get called on. For this goal I’m not necessarily gonna yell back a teacher/adult but just keep in mind that as long as I had nothing to do with whatever the person/student got yelled at for, I’m good.