My Goals

Keira Marquez, Staff Reporter

Hello. My name  is Keira Marquez.  I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High.The school year is going great so far, I’m making new friends,and I’m also enjoying learning Spanish. 

My goals for this year include the following, convincing my parents to get me a ferret, getting good grades, working hard, and improve my art skills. Of course I’ll probably make more goals later on but for now, I’ll focus on working hard and getting the pet.

    I imagine future goals would be, passing STAAR, passing exams, finishing my book series, and making more great memories. I’m a simple person with few goals and with the thrive of succeeding.Some lasts thing could be getting into props crew for the play, getting better at my video game, getting more horror games, and helping my dad out with the house. My name is Keira and these are my goals.