My goals for eighth grade


Brendan Healey, Staff reporter

Hello, my name is Brendan Healey, I am in 8th grade and Dobie Jr. High School.And here are some of my goals for the school year.One goal of mine for the school year is to  be in gamer club,another goal is to learn how to code,the final goal for the school year is to pass with at least a B in each class.Those are my goals.


My first goal for the school year is to be in gamer club which happens after school on Mondays. The first meeting is on the 23rd of September.I was in it last year and it was awesome because they had most new consoles and some old.In gamer club the only fundraiser you have to do is sell bags of popcorn for $5.


My other two goals are to learn coding and finish each class with at least a B.The reason i wantsw to learn coding is because i have done minor coding now and then but now I want to do more with coding then making something go in a straight line. The reason I want to finish school with at least a B is because  if I give myself a goal I can most likely surpass it. These are my goals for the school year have a good day.