My Summer


Kody May, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Kody May, I am an 8th grader in Dobie Jr. High School. When seventh grade ended my dad picked me up to spend the summer with him. When we got to Colorado we began to shoot our new AR-15s, especially since my dad got a new trigger for mine. Then I got to ride my new dirt bike. My dad took me to a dirt bike track, I think I was able to get 5 laps in. My dad told me that one lap was 1.5 miles. I had a lot more fun than I think I was going to have. Then a few days later we came back to the track where I crashed. Anyway it hurt a lot, I knew someone was behind me so I crawled to the side of the track then my dad noticed I wasn’t behind him so he came back looking for me. I had to ride back our jeep.Then I had to rest on the couch for about a week. 


When I healed up my dad took me on a camping trip, where we rode our four wheelers. We know where this natural spring is, it has the best water in the world! It is so good and very cold, we filled our bottles with its water.


After that we went to Alaska, like every year, to go fishing, site seeing, and gold panning. First we went fishing on the Kenai river. The salmon run was extremely good. I caught my first salmon using a pole and cut my first salmon. When we were done fishing we went to Valdez. The last time I was there I was about 2 months old. I learned about some history of the town like the 9.6 earthquake that hit somewhere around 1960. After that we went to Fairbanks to gold pan and eat cookies. I think I ate about 10 cookies with about a 3 inch diameter. I felt so sick after I realised what I did. So when we were done with that we went back down to Anchorage to fly back to Colorado. We stayed there for about a week until my mom came to pick me up to go back to school.