My Goals for this Year


Madison Gastol, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Madison Gastol. I am a 7th grader at Dobie Junior High. I have many goals for my year and here are some of them; getting straight A’s as well as  being on a sports team and being undefeated.

Getting straight A’s is important to me because I want to go to a good college. I also love the satisfaction of getting straight A’s. It’s like trying  really hard on a project and you get a hundred. It feels awesome. Also, I’ve never not gotten A’s so it would feel weird to not get A’s.

The sweat rolls off your forehead and lands on your shirt with a soft flop, your heart is beating like a freight train in your chest, you feel like you could fly. You won the game you put your heart and soul, your head and legs into and left everything on the court. You defied the impossible, you beat the odds, you showed everyone not to mess with you or your team. You did it! This is what I love about the game. It makes me feel worthy, loved, and accomplished. This is an important goal for me because I’m now too old to play with most REC leagues. And, since I love sports it’s kinda hard to try out and not make it.

I hope to accomplish all these goals and more to have a wonderful year at Dobie.