My Goals As A Teenager 2019


Bella Malone, Staff Reporter

My Goals As A Teenager 2019


Hello my name is Christabella Malone, and I am a 7th Grader at Dobie Junior High. I actually have no goals I like to take things day by day, but if I was to think of a goal it would be to have fun. Point blank have fun, and I know that’s such a basic answer but it’s true. I mean who would want to spend their days being miserable as a teenager? We have just begun to have life experiences that could change the way we think about the world. I should enjoy the time I get to be reckless and make mistakes. Honestly being a teenager is tons of  fun. You get to hang out with friends, go to sports games, and share through Snapchat. Enough about fun though, let’s get into the good stuff.


I am a competitive swimmer and it has always been my DREAM to swim in a big college pool. Not just at UIW at Texas State,UT,and of course A&M. I have worked hard to try and get my times up there so I can swim there. No such luck yet ;( But it is a big goal of mine and I am working hard to achieve it.


Another goal I have is to focus on myself. I know, I know I sound like a selfish pig but there’s a good reason for it. I have been really struggling to love myself lately so I want to try something new. Maybe I’ll start walking with my dog or I’ll do more self care. Stuff like that so that way my mental health gets better. Even the small things can be a big step to a better mind and body.