My Goals For This Year


ciarra delgado, staff reporter

My Goals For This Year

Hello, my name is Ciarra Delgado. I attend Dobie Junior High as an 8th grader. My goals for this school year is to make sure I get B’s and up all year and I really want to make new friends and new memories. This year I will focus on school before hobbies, friends, and boyfriends and of course NO DRAMA!! My grades will determine if I have any chance for Med School. I want to start worrying about grades early before it’s too late. Also I want to try for perfect attendance like no missing full days and always be on time for all my classes.


My personal goals are making sure my chores are done everyday and saving up for things I’ve been wanting but don’t need. In my family my mom buys what I need and if I want something I have to work for money and buy it myself, which in my opinion is a great idea because it prepares kids for the future and gets them starting to actually looking at the prices. I want to write more for example I love writing famous TV series sayings and or quotes. 


My health goals are eating healthy and working out more. I want to lose some weight to become a little bit skinnier. My hair isn’t healthy either so i wanna take care of that too, I want to dye my hair though so that will be harder to do. My skin needs to clear up more so that is another task on my small to do list. I also want to create a healthy routine to follow everyday like drinking a cup of water right before bed and right when you wake up. This year will be my health year to focus on me and my grades