Stunning summer 2019


Abiegeal Cahill, Staff Reporter

Hello. My name is Abie Cahill. I am an 8th  grader at Dobie Jr High School. My summer, even though it felt incredibly short, was really good over all. Almost as soon as school let out i was on my way too Delaware to stay with my dad. I normally stay with my dad until school starts but this year that was not the case. This year I stayed with my dad for two months and came back early due to my sister flying in from Germany. My time in Delaware was pretty eventful, I spent a lot of time with family I haven’t seen in a year or two.

My summer in Delaware was filled with family, traveling and fun! The first few weeks of being in Delaware included seeing my family, hanging out with my siblings,and my siblings sporting events. My uncle took our family down too Corolla, NC (outer-banks), it was beautiful. The sights were stunning, though the water felt like ice. Long night walks on the beach, sunsets over the water, and my beautiful family. When we got home we went out for snow crabs, one of my personal favorites! We also went down to Baltimore Maryland for a baseball tournament, we went to escape rooms,and sky-zone (trampoline park). 

My dad took me and my siblings to a Phillies game, which we all enjoyed. It was nice to see my family somewhere not through a phone. Shortly after the game, my best friends and I took a trip down to the beach, we laid in the sun for hours. We enjoyed the salt water as it crashed against us. We stayed up late on the balcony talking about life. The beach is one of my favorite places, and to be there with my best friends really filled my heart. A few weeks after going to the beach with friends, my dad, my brother and I went down to Ocean City, Maryland. We walked the boardwalk,and boogie boarded in the freezing cold water.