My back to school experience


Rashon Collins, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Rashon Collins.  I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High School. Over the summer,  I was focusing on spending time with my sister before she left for her second year of college. Because of this (and trying to forget about school), I wasn’t as prepared as usual for the upcoming school year.


 One week before school, my dad pulled out our storage bin with all of our extra office supplies. Somehow, it had everything I needed and extra to last me throughout the year. Luckily, my sister and I are both shopaholics and made frequent shopping trips over the summer, so that covered the clothing portion. To mentally get ready for school, I got my eyebrows done, my hair done, and went shopping (again).


My goals for this school year are to maintain straight A’s and keep up with my vice president duties of both JS2S and NJHS. I’ve always strived to do the absolute best I can in school which is even more important since being inducted into NJHS. I also want to make new friends and keep in contact with my older sister, Rashelle. 


 Coming back to school was a new experience. My new teachers have very different personalities that I can’t wait to discover more about. Last year, I was nervous about coming to a new school and meeting new people. Having made friends the previous semester and, spending ten months at Dobie in the past, made returning much easier. Honestly, it feels like we all just have new schedules.  I’m excited about this new year and the experiences it will bring. 

Hopefully my last year at Dobie Jr. High will be something memorable before entering my first year of high school.