2019 Summer


Larkin Martinez, Staff Reporter

Hello,My name is Larkin Martinez I’m a 7th grader at Dobie jr. High school.


My summer went way better then i thought. It was staying at home but also very busy.

In June i did my first week of camp and I was a Jr. Counselor and i did 3 more weeks after that. I also did over 100 hours of camp. Also in june I went to Indian with my mom and we walked all over Indy and we went shopping in this big mall. We also had a extra day because we missed our flight so we got and extra day to explore. My mom had a photo vocie meeting for 

her job and i got to sit and wait at Ball State University. I had to wait for a long time but it was all worth it.


In June i also dyed my hair pink and had three birthday party’s to go to in the same week.

 July,i went to Kansas for 4th of july and i saw all my family and we did fire works. My dad and I stayed there for a week and it was really super fun and i enjoyed it a lot. On July 11 i got my braces on and that was really fun too. It was painful as well and couldn’t even eat watermelon!!

Also My friends Addi and Frankie and they slept over and it was super fun.


in August i be came a scuba diver and i dove in a lake  and saw a car under water.I did camp again and August was mostly  just a chill month for me and my family.I was ready for school to start to see all my best friends.