My goals for 2019-2020


Alessandra Ramos, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Alessandra Ramos and I am a 7th grader at Dobie Jr. High School. Have you ever set your goals for the beginning of the year and as the years goes on that expectation slowly dies? Well, today I am going to be talking about my goals and expectations about this new school year and how that has been going so far. My mindset coming into school was to get everything done ahead of time and be very organized. Yeah lets just say a lot of that has changed…

Everything changed from the first day of school. Heart racing,not knowing where to go, everything looks the same and no familiar faces. In other words, my first day of school was chaotic. I didn’t really have time to organize everything and get everything out for the next class. By the time the bell rang everything was go, go, go. At Least that is what is felt like, so my goal of being organized and putting everything back where it belongs was kinda out of the conversation. Yet, I was still determined to put everything back in an orderly fashion. Which was a very bad idea because I was late to my classes when I did that. But at least now I have a folder where everything goes in but somehow organized and I can still find everything I need.My next thing I wanted to make sure I did throughout the school year was to be done with everything ahead of time and to not procrastinate. I have a very hard time with not procrastinating, but this year I am still trying to perfect this flaw of mine. I know i hate it but for some reason I always end up doing this. Last year, I would stay up till 2 in the morning on a school night finishing the work I had procrastinated on.The next morning my eyes won’t stay open no matter how hard I tried to pay attention and my mind was so stressed out, it almost felt like a weight on my shoulders. Without a doubt I have definitely gotten better at this and I am determined to be consistent about this. This year will be a great year as long as I stay focused!