My seventh grade year so far


Alyson LoneBear, Staff Reporter

My seventh grade year so far


Hello, my name is Alyson Lone Bear, I am a seventh grader at J. Frank Dobie Jr High. The subject I will be writing about is my experiences and goals for the school year. This school year has been crazy and stressful so far.


The halls have been crowded, and I feel pushed around, there is pushing and kissing *blah* and everything in between. Everyone is trying to get to and from their classes and are stopping abruptly with students trying to get to their lockers. At first I couldn’t open my locker, but after a few tries, I FINALLY got it!! 


My goals for this year is; to always be punctual and on time to all of my classes, have decent attendance (unless I am sick or something), get straight A’s or high B’s, and definitely, under NO circumstances, have failing grades!!! Failing a class would 100% be the DEATH of me! I have other goals too that aren’t “necessarily” school related such as; get more friends, don’t kill the fish, and clean my room. My goals are something I would for sure like to accomplish. 


I would have to say that my favourite classes are Journalism and Science. At the beginning I thought they would be math and more math, but as of right now, math hasn’t been the best. I’ve been feeling stressed and I’ve been making simple and stupid mistakes. I like science and journalism because the “vibe” in there just makes me happy. I like the teachers, I like the students, and I really enjoy the activities and paperwork.


I would have to say that History probably makes the number three spot, because for some odd reason I am pretty good at note taking (which we do a lot), and I seem to like the test/quiz taking environment.  


Those are my favorites, goals, highlights and experiences this school year so far.