This Year

Sarah K Mueller, Staff Reporter

This Year

Hi, my name is Sarah Mueller, but everyone calls me Katie. I am a 7th grader at Dobie Junior Highschool. This school year started 3 weeks ago and so far it’s been going ok. Some good things that have happened or are happening right now are I’m doing well in all my classes, II made the Volleyball team, I have lunch with some of my friends, I’ve only been late to one class once, and my locker is in a good spot. Some bad things that have happened are I’m stuck on the C-Team for volleyball until I can serve more consistently but at least I made the team. I had a math test and I actually thought that I did pretty good but I got a 58. Hopefully I do better on my retest so that I can play in my first game on Monday. Other than that, my year has been a breath of extremely fresh air so far.


One goal that I have for my 7th grade year is to move up to B-Team and then maybe even A-Team. If can show the Coaches that I’m better than they think and coachable then maybe I could move up before offseason.


Another goal I hope to achieve this year is to keep all grades up for most of the year. If I’m an A or B honor roll student for my school life then I don’t have to worry about things like getting grounded or not playing. Further along in my life I will have a better chance of getting into A&M.


A third goal to reach for is to have more confidence and treat myself better. My confidence has a tendency to get low sometimes so this year with a new school and all I want to boost myself up. Right now I have a lot of acne and my sleep schedule is messed up so I’m going to try and remember to take my vitamins and wash my face which I think falls under treating myself better. Also I’m going to try and go to sleep earlier so that I’m not as tired in the mornings.


The last goal I have is to ignore what everyone else is saying and just keep my relationships with people strong and nontoxic. Toxic relationships make you unhappy and that brings us back to confidence.