Cardboard Boxes

Aislynn Warren, Staff Reporter



     Hello, my name is Aislynn Warren and I am an eighth grader at Dobie Junior High. Last summer was an extremely tiring rollercoaster full of cardboard boxes and moving. .


        The first month and a half of my summer my parents were looking for a house to move into. This is the first time my family and I have lived off base since I was in first grade. My parents were out of the house a lot, leaving my sister (Tralee Warren) and me to watch our 2 younger brothers at home.


        Once my parents found a house, they put in an offer and sadly, got rejected. We did more looking and put in offer to a nicer house in Cibolo. Luckily, this time, we were approved for our offer on the house later that week. My family was ecstatic about finally moving. (My younger brothers were too young to move boxes by themselves so it was my sister, dad, mom, and me moving boxes.) We had packed up our belongings and moved in the last month of summer.