Vegas Baby (And Arizona)


Rachel Reyman, Staff Reporter

Hi, welcome to Chili’s. My name is Rachel Reyman, and I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. Starting the new school year, I was a bit sad because of how great my summer was. In the summer we went to Vegas and Arizona with my family, and it was very fun!

Originally, we were just going to Vegas so my mom could talk to my Aunt Joni about my grandparents living conditions. However, my aunt decided to stay in Guam. So, we went to Arizona to pick up my Aunt Raquel and her family and we all took a road trip to Vegas together. We stayed at a hotel called “Diamond Suites” (yes, it’s a nice as it sounds), where we were premium members! The hotel was really fancy, the rooms were big, and the beds were so comfy!

During our four day stay, we shopped and walked around a lot. We didn’t buy too much because merchandise was overpriced. Can you believe that they had a two-story shop just for candy? And that there was a roller coaster on top of a hotel? There was lots of cool and unbelievable sights. In Vegas, we got to see two shows: a magic show and The Blue Man Group. The Magic show was really fun to watch, and The Blue Man Group is hard to explain, but easy to love. In The Blue Man Group they stuck a camera  down my brother’s throat, and made me do a weird dance then switch seats with a random kid. After our time in Vegas, we hung out in Arizona for another four days.

In Arizona we stayed at my aunt’s house. The only big event was my cousin’s fourteenth birthday party, where we all went to an itallian place and shared pizza, ice cream, pasta, and bread. We went to an Itallian restaurant almost every day. Because of the times we spent together though, it was just as fun as Vegas.

Since we rarely go on vacations, I loved my summer because of the new experiences. Even though coming back to school is a pain, I get to see all my friends again!