Just Rolling With it


Clara Pickering, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Clara Pickering, and I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High School. My teachers are Mrs. P.J., Mrs. Hecox, Mr. Vierra, Mrs. Muha, Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Chitta, and Mr. Sutton. I am in all Honors Courses, and even though it’s going to become more challenging, I feel that it’ll be good to get through these classes in the long run.

 My friends make me feel more comfortable in this school. A few of them are in the same classes as I am, and it’s easier to learn beside them. Sometimes it can be distracting, but most of the time we know when to stop playing around. 

Theatre, Orchestra, and lunch are my favorite parts of the day. They give my brain a little break from the rest of the classes, and are pretty fun. I don’t have many goals for eighth grade, because I am just wanting to roll with whatever happens. As long as I’m doing my best in all classes, I feel like this will be a great year.