My Personal Story


Kyryn McCoy Maples , Staff Reporter

Hello my name is  Kyryn Maples and I go to Dobie Jr High. I’m just gonna tell you a little bit about me I love babies I love my family, I love my friends and my dogs and I love a lot of things but when it comes to this summer i don’t even know what to say it was a lot and way too much for me.The beginning was okay i guess i got to see my friends i went to evo i went with a whole lot of people and went to the movies and it was great.


 And then I had some boy problems and by that i mean me and my boyfriend were together for 8 months and we got in a fight and he broke up with me but at the time I was really hurt but then i just thought that I deserved it because I hurt him to any way we are back together now and I couldn’t be happier. And then my parents got divorced. They just weren’t working out and they weren’t happy together they just fight a lot so my mom has her own house so I rarely see her and she is my  ride or die but its not like I never see her because I see her every other week I just miss her.


And now I stay at my dads every other week like my mom and all my stuff like my bed and stuff is at my moms so i have to sleep on the top of my brothers bunk bed and i don’t know it just doesn’t feel like home anymore. My dad already has a girlfriend and i mean she’s sweet but like shes just not my mom and she never will be so that’s probably another reason i don’t like staying with my dad that much but he is a great dad and I love him so much it’s just a lot not having my family back together. I just miss my family as a whole again but as long as there happy i will get there.