My summer

Carley Coloura, Staff reporter


Hello my name is Carley Coloura, I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jjr. High School and i’m going to talk about this summer and what i did over it.


 Let’s go way back to the last day of school, cause that’s where everything started. As soon as I went home my friend milani came over and we had sleepovers for a couple days. She is my best friend so that’s what i was doing most of the summer. She is one of those people that I can just be me around, and it’s actually really funny cause we’ve been friends for three years and haven’t gotten in one single fight. After a couple days or so I went to go see Social House, Ariana Grande, and Normani, they snapped. They were all sooo good! It made me so happy getting to see them.                                                                              


About a month or so into the summer I went to the beach with all my family and a few friends. It was so fun! We went to the beach, stayed up all night playing video games, went surfing, went to the candy shop, went to a really good coffee shop, met a few turtle friends, and so much more. Once i got back I hung out with a couple of friends, went to evo, went to the mall, and more just to pass time because I had to wait until my best friend came back from california. It was so boring without her! But of course the day she got back we had a week and a half of sleepovers. We basically live in each others houses.  Over the time that we spent with each other we planned out us meeting the stranger things cast. 


Sooner or later the ending of summer came. It’s the most dreadful time of the year. So then it was mostly just my family and i going shopping for that. But of course something bad happens right when I wished it didn’t. My phone decides to break, I didnt drop it or get water in it or anything. It just broke which im still confused about but its whatever. Anyway, the next day or so my parents surprised me and got me a new phone! Which i’m so happy and grateful about. Sp now i have a new phone which is so exciting!!!!! The only downside is that i don’t have any of my videos from the concert anymore because I didn’t back it up. But it’s fine because its about the memories that count. Not the videos. Although i’m pretty sure i might be able to airdrop them?