My crazy summer vacation


Kara Brown, Staff reporter

Hello! My name is Kara Brown. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High. This past summer was very interesting for me. I moved house, went boating on the lake, and visited my friends in Dallas.


Moving house was probably the most eventful- but least exciting- part of my summer. I used to live in Austin, but in July, we came down here to Schertz. My dad is a Major in the Air Force, so I’ve been moving for my entire life. This past has been my 9th move, but is fortunately going to be my last.


After we got settled into our new house, I got to visit with some of my old friends who used to be our neighbors- and are once again. Anyways, they have a big speedboat, and we went out on the lake and had a great time. The water was warm, but not too much so. We swam a lot, and I got to try tubing for the first time! I loved it, but while I kept giving a thumbs-up (the sign for going faster), my friend Amelia kept giving a thumbs-down (which, obviously enough, means to slow down)! I loved going out on the lake with my friends and family.


The last, but definitely not the least exciting, my family and I took an eight hour-long trip up to Dallas to see some of my very old friends- we’ve known each other for 4 years, which is actually a very long time, considering that both of our families are in the military, and we live in different places. We both came in (very) late from long road trips, and we slept in the same hotel. The next day, we prepared for a long, exciting day out in about- at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. Basically, it’s this massive building full of oddities and unusual knick-knacks from around the globe. Some of these were a bit gross, like authentic shrunken heads or a vest completely consisting of woven human hair, but some of it was really neat, like the world’s largest shoe, or the wax figure museum, with over 100 wax statues! But my favorite thing of all was the Mirror Maze, where you could  enter a labyrinth, where all of the walls were reflective, and it was really easy to get lost. I raced my friend, KT, to see who could make it to the other side. She won the first time, but I won the next three times. We kept getting lost, though, and were constantly asking random people if they were real or not because we weren’t certain who was real and what was a reflection! I really enjoyed my summer vacation.