Educational Exhibit


Prithee gentles, I implore you to read carefully. The name given to me at birth, Trinity Midkiff, is dead. As a trasngender man, if addressed by that name, I will be perturbed. My real name, is Damian Midkiff. I currently attend the campus named Dobie Junior high, in my eighth year.

I will tell you of my aspirations in relations to this year of education and I wish it to be in my power to make you listen to my words.


My long awaited pleasure of passing has yet to come, and I am deeply disappointed and a bit insulted. Such is life I suppose. However, I would ask to smite god for their ignorance in their creation of me. I care not if they are a male, a female, or something else entirely, my only query lies in the nature of my existence. I question why, if this deity is all powerful, all knowing, they would torture me in this way.


There are a few other goals of mine that I wish to share with you, but none so important as what you have already read. As many a thespian, I would be positively delighted if I were to receive a role in the fall show, aptly named ‘Game of Tiaras’. ‘Tis a positively joyful show, a combination of the  soliloquies of Shakespeare, the cartoonish humor of disney, and the style of Game of Thrones. I would also ask to graduate in a hasteful and peaceful manner, and enter high school without a word of uncertainty.


These goals, these things I  ask for are by no means a stretch of the imagination. I must put in the effort, however, if I wish to achieve a single one of them. That truly is the way of life, that all must work hard if one wants to reach any goal, any milestone, anything at all.