Personal view: my goals for this year

Amiaya Myrick, Staff Reporter

For thirteen years I’ve gone by the name of Amiaya Ann Myrick and i’m an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High. This school year I plan to make a lot more improvements than last year. This year needs to be one of my best years, as it is the last year in Junior High and i’m actually kind of down about it. I enjoyed being an annoying little sixth grader and following the older kids around and taking all their food, jumping all over them and bugging them every second, In the 7th grader I had to tone it down on annoying because I had figured out how my older peers felt about me,during the seventh grade I had developed more of an attitude because people were becoming very fake and once I had gotten to 8th grade which is now, I have learned to not trust anyone and that i’m not some innocent little girl anymore who can just be taken advantage of, I am a hardworking, young woman who has dreams and thoughts and opinions that she wants to share, without getting shut down. I don’t want to follow anyone like I had done in the past.

From now on if I want or need something I will speak up and actually do something about it I won’t get in my feelings about it and go in the restroom and cry like some punk. I don’t want to feel like I have to act a certain way to fit in and not be messed with, I want to be myself freely, My main goal is to be myself, starting with the way I present myself I don’t want to look like all these other girls …a lot of girls at Dobie want to follow or when they are put under peer pressure they will do it, for example, getting a boyfriend all these girls have a boyfriend focusing on a boy over themselves, everyone telling me I should get with this boy and that boy, but most times I just wanna be with myself, I want to focus on my grades my future…not a boy, this whole time I’ve been focusing on other people and I never give myself what I really want, That’s the mistake I made in middle school.. I have been doing big things, but I could have been doing bigger like actually getting into NJHS and going to the Junior Olympics for track, but the only person stopping me is myself.

This year I won’t mess around at all I will focus, and actually go to sleep early and set an actual bedtime. I don’t care if what I plan to do Is embarrassing, I know what I want to do is right and will get me above average, I don’t wanna be average like everyone else I want to be more than that. It all starts with making good grades, reading more to expand my Imagination, you know? Little things like giving my little and big sister’s attention, actually doing chores, and not complaining about everything I’ve noticed in the past always catch a bad attitude over little things and this year I just need to chill out and stop catching an attitude with everyone over everything, especially my teachers I probably treat them the worst. I am always talking back, rolling my eyes, and saying smart remarks to get on their last nerve.