My summer trip


Kaitlyn Ngo, Staff reporter

My Summer was Pretty Fun! Me and My family went to Corpus Christi to visit my grandparents. It was fun, for the most of it, and when I say most of it, I mean most of it.

The main reason We went was because My grandpa Was dying, when we saw him, he looked weak, I didn’t Know how to feel at first, but when we left,  we went back to our Hotel, and decided What to do.

Then afterwards,we went to the Beach, and it was FUN, My dad kept trying to drown me, and me and my sister went deep into the ocean, And I had to motivate her to go, and she went, and 

Back at the Hotel we Had a pizza party, turns out I slept through the whole thing, the day after I went to my siblings room and they ordered GrubHub, It was cool, I was still hungry though.                                

And that is all! To summarize it, I had A great Summer,that’s all