My Not So Bad Summer


Aidan Callow, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Aidan Callow,8th Grader at Dobie Jr High

My summer was the best summer yet,its started off with the last day of school i said bye to all my friends and was on my way home.When i got home my dog was scream at me cause i was finally home for good till next August.Next day i was on my way to the store to get some stuff for my mom,then next thing you know we got hit by a ford 2015 was a male driver that was very drunk and he ended up going to jail for being intoxicated.12:45 on May 31st my mom and i got hit by a dumb driver for the 35th time which was kinda annoying cause this time we had to get a new car which is a lot of money.

The next day my mom and i set out to take care of some arens to get the new car.after all that finally summer really started July 1st i went to six flags with my brother i haven’t seen in about 1.5 years which was one of the best days in my life cause he surprised me there,it was me,my brother his girlfriend and my one wanted to ride the roller coasters with me so we all did the water rides, which made my day even better because i was finally with my whole family again.

The last of my summer was really just me hanging out with my family and going to eat at restaurants with my mom was very sick over the summer she has really bad asthma attacks that happen a lot so it was hard to do a lot of stuff that was outside so i just stayed in my room playing games and hit 250,000 thousand subs on YouTube.