My Summer


Jordan Willison, staff reporter


Hello my name is Jordan Wilson I am an 8th Grader at Dobie Junior High and I will be telling you about my summer.This summer was my favorite because we went on a family trip all together.My parents are divorced sadly But, I try and look on the bright side.My dad on the other hand took  my sister Morgan and me on a cruise with my step mom Christie to the Bahamas we had to take two plans there and then get on the ship.we got up at 5:20am and then took an hour drive to Austin and then a bus to our first gate.This was only my 3rd flight I have ever flown on so I was a little nervous. I tried to sleep the whole way But,I kept waking up at the end of the flight I wanted to puke because the turbulence the 2nd flight was okay and when we landed I was so excited. 

Once we got there Morgan and I explored the ship there were two pools,two water slides,two hot tubs,a golf course,and an escape room.IT WAS SO FUN! We had one port and it was the Coco Cay Beach and then we went to the Bahamas I had so many pinna colodias I felt sick.Then my dad proposed to my step mom at dinner and my sister I cried and so did she.Then the flight home, I slept the whole way so they were the easiest flights.Once we came home I had two days to catch up on my normal schechelde. After the two days I went to my moms house for a month and then I met my internet best friend mykayla keysor and she lived inn New york 2,813.97 miles away we spent a week together.Then i went to my friend Berlin’s house for a week then we went camping to Canyon Lake and swam for hours and we did that for three days. We were so annoyed with each other when i went home we were so tired. 

Then I went to my moms for one month she had the 2nd month my dad had the 1st and 3rd month. So I went with her and later my step dad went to Minnesota for a couple days and my little sister who is 2 and my little brother who is 1 got so sick for three days.My step dad took us to the Rush Fun park and I brought my friend Berlin plus we ate a lot of candy.Then we went home and had a onsie party and then I made a box house for my little sister and we lived in it for days.We had my cousin who is 1 month old come over because my Aunt was sick.My step dad took us to the Rush fun Park like 8 times and that was my summer.