California & Arizona


`Hello my name is Jade dominguez, i am in the 8th grade. I go to Dobie Jr high and im going to tell you about my summer. When it first started it was boring because i want to hang out with someone , but I just got out of school. I didn’t want to be annoying or anything so I just sat by myself and watched the flash. Most of my summer contained food and watching netflix. I finished about 15 shows , or just re-watched some of them. The movie  watched the most is heathers and mean girls. Those are my favorite movies.

I also babysat a lot. I have a 5 year old half sister , so I have to look after her a lot. That’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t do a lot of stuff. I would always have to babysit and it sucked , because she doesn’t listen to me at all. I would have to get up early to make breakfast , then play with her. Sometimes she watches people opening toys on youtube and it was really annoying.

 But when all that was done I got to go on my 17 day vacation with my dad. Every year I go to california to see my family. We landed in California really early, so I was really tired. Right when we got off the plane we went to Disneyland. I wasn’t feeling that great the night before, like I was throwing up a lot and had a lot of migraines. So when we went to disneyland I felt dead. I was hungry and very tired. We came to a conclusion that it would be the best idea to get me to the house and let me sleep. When I woke up from my five hour nap, we went to eat dinner. A couple days go by. I visited some friends and family. I skated the pier with my best friend. She’s older than me, like really older than me. She went to college a week after that. I miss her. Then i went to a birthday party for a 5 year old. I saw a really old friend too. After that i just saw some friends and family. Then just like that I was on my way back to Texas.