Back to School


MaryChristine Ngomba, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Mary Christine Mbutchuh Ngomba. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High.

I have many goals this year,I am excited to tell you about it.The  school year is going really well, some bumps in the road.So far i am truly enjoying it.


One of my main goals this year is  to become a better person,hear is why I enjoy being around people and communication and getting to know others,but sometimes I tend to surround myself around people that are unfaithful and just bad influence in my life.I am a sister,cousin,aunt, a friend and most impolitely a daughter.The reason this is my main goal is because I struggle with this a  lot and I am trying to work on and the main reason this is my number 1 goal is because I really want to become better.I was watching this talk show”THE REAL DAYTIME and someone on the panel said “if you know better you tend to do better’.So that really stuck with me.


My favorite subject is geometry and biology but this year I am not taking any of those classes because I took them last year.this year I am taking Spanish 1 journalism and algebra 1 for the first time.It’s pretty difficult but I am working on it.the only class i don’t really like so far is history and algebra .