My summer


berlin jenkins, staff reporter

I’m Berlin Nicole Jenkins I am a 8th Grader at Dobie Junior High. My summer 2k19 was the best!! My birthday was June 6th and got to celebrate it with all my family. I got new clothes and a lot more but my ABSOLUTE favorite gift was Twenty One Pilots concert tickets. I love that band and what made it even better is that me and my cousin were going together. Me and my cousin Brielle have been listening to them since we were really little and have loved them ever since their first album.

On June 23rd me,my mom,my aunt,and my cousin went to the concert and we were so excited we dressed up in all our merch and and had yellow bandanas and we got there early and got a close parking spot and we got there early enough to see the opening band. To be honest they were not that good and I was a little dissapointed and after the opening band Twenty One Pilots came out and not even a minute into their first song me and my cousin started crying tears of joy. We danced and sang all night. We yelled and sang so loud we lost our  voices.

A couple days after the concert me and my friend Jordan went camping at Canyon lake but before that me and Jordan spent a week with each other and so we got tired of each other and started fighting like sisters. 

About a week after I  had summer camps to go to. The first camp Iwent to was soccer camp I did not like it at all it was early in the morning and I don’t even like soccer. After soccer there was strength and conditioning camp that was alright I met new friends and worked out a lot. After that we went to my grandmas house in Dallas it was so much fun and we went to six flags and water parks and we went to the zoo. It was fun to hang out with my cousins too!

    My goals this year are to make better grades and make new friends and not to be shy anymore. I’m excited to start this new year.