My summer


Logan Leblanc, Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Logan LeBlanc. My summer went well. I did a lot of things like go swimming, played video games, and I went to see family.

Basically, I stayed in my room and play video games like Jump Force ( which is anime game) and Fortnight. When I did get out of my room I went swimming, rafting, and fishing. Swimming was really fun, and we swam for hours. When I went rafting it would take hours before I finish, but it was fun. I went fishing, and when I went I caught a three foot big catfish and a three foot gar.

I went to my family’s house so I can get away from my parents. I wanted to get away from my parents because we need a break from each other. When I went to my family’s house we went to David Busters and we went to go see Hobbs and Shaw Fast and Furious. The movie was good.