My 2019 summer experience

Sophia Herrera, Staff reporter

My Summer

Hello, my name is Sophia Herrera.I’m an 8th grader at Dobie jr High.My summer was very boring but fun at the same time.In June my family and I went to Austin for the day because it was my older sister, Clarrissa, birthday.When we were there I got a lot of posters to cover my room in.Right now im room is pretty empty,so little by little I’ve been buying things to decorate my room with.I also got a couple of basic band tees as well.To celebrate my sisters birthday we got Voodoo Donuts in Austin,which were absolutely delicious.The day was really fun because we don’t go out to Austin often and because I was with my family.

During the 4th of July my siblings,mom and I were shopping. My cousins went to celebrate at my grandmas house, so my siblings and I decided we wanted to go after shopping.We ended up staying at my grandmas house for 3 hours and watched movies, played games and talked about school.By the time we got home it was around 10:30pm. My dogs were outside and I went out there to check on them,making sure they weren’t scared of the fireworks.To me my dogs seem if anything curious about all the commotion,especially my dog pumpkin.I had planned on bringing them inside after I got out of the shower,just in case they were scared. But before I knew it, my sister told me pumpkin had escaped the yard.I hopped out the shower and we began the search of pumpkin. My neighbors (kids that go to my school) helped trying to track her.2hrs of searching and we still hadn’t found her,we made our last stop at the park.My park has a big wooden gate behind it because someone lives there,and sure enough my neighbors were right she was scavenging back there.I had heard her collar move and her wimpier.I dug a hole so I could pull her out,but it wasn’t any ordinary dirt it was an ant pile! I ended up with 60+ ant bites and pumpkin had 5.All in all I’m happy I found her,but it was a night I’ll never forget.

During the past 3 months I’ve been learning to skate,as in skateboarding not rollerskating.My sisters friends taught me.The first time I got on the board I was kinda scared and Trevor,one of the guys,had to hold my hands so I wouldn’t fall.It didn’t take me but only 2 days to get the hang of it.Of course I wasn’t going and doing ollies and kickflips,I had been just riding on it.My mom told me she doesn’t want me doing tricks,but I mean I might try and learn some without her knowing.My mom wasn’t and still kinda isn’t fond of me skating because she scared I’m going to break my ankle or something.I was still able to convince her to let me try it out.So for my birthday my parents are going to get me a skateboard sense I don’t have one and have been using the guys skatebords. My summer was very crazy and fun but most of the times I was honestly watching Netflix.Hopefully this school year is as great as last school year and I make new friends and have stronger bonds.