My awesome summer

Lindsey Boyd, Staff reporter

My summer was normal had some ups and some downs but no matter what it was still pretty awesome. The beginning of my summer was really sad cause i had to leave all of my friends and move up here it turned out to be fine. I had a lot of stuff to pack and box up but i got closer to my family when we moved so it turned out to be perfectly fine.


 In the middle of my summer it was my birthday!!!! I was so happy to see my friends again because I haven’t seen them in a MONTH i was so happy I was bouncing off the walls. When I finally saw my friends I was so happy and I hugged them and we started driving to my new house. 


At the end of my summer I was so scared of what people thought of me and that no one would like me so I sat alone for the longest time and didn’t want to open up and till to anyone so I made friends slowly and now i have a really good friend but she could never replace my friends in Austin.