Personal Colum : My Scattered Summer

Mia Hammonds, Staff Reporter


                                                                   Hello my name is Mia Hammonds.

  I’m an eighth grader at Dobie Jr High. I had an exciting but boring summer so thats what im going to tell you about it. My summer started immediately. The next day my dad surprised me to see my sister in Savannah, Georgia. From there with my sister we went to Florida, and she took me to Busch Gardens. I got her to ride roller coasters which she hates. We spent two days in Florida, then we went back to Savannah. I stayed with her for like a month or until july. She’s in the army so I got to stay on base, I got to go to work with her which was boring but kinda fun. She took my to this place where you can make your own pancakes but you make them on your table, it was fun and the pancakes were good. She took me to different places downtown and those were cool and fun. I got to take care of her hamster even though she’s not supposed to have it. Then after what felt like a short amount of time I had to leave.

When I got home I went and slept over at my friends house. We went night swimming like always. We watch old kids shows and we made pizzas and we ate i tub of ice cream we got big brain freezes. The next morning we made breakfast and we watched tv with her parents. Later that day I went to a party we went to the pool, watched movies, played board games and we made weird food combinations and me and my friend Lily ate them all. And the party was a sleepover so we stayed up late and woke up late. We also watched scary movies and youtube. We had lots of fun.

Towards the end of summer I went to Virginia to train for track. I stayed with my grandparents most of the time.All i did most of the time all i did was run miles and hurdles but I also spent time with my family which was fun.