Dobie girls lockers under construction

Kayden Zaragoza-Kelly

Please fix. Complete your headline (it should be a complete thought.) Then, make  shorter paragraphs and organize it. also, add more quotes and facts. IT is too short and confusing. Then, save as draft and let me know when it is ready to edit. -Mrs. P.J.


Dobie construction has been going on for quite a while now. In the girls’ and boys’ locker rooms, students complain and say, “When are the lockers going to be ready?”. Other students didn’t really care if the lockers were finished or not. Keely Hughes said, “I really don’t care if they’re done or not. I’ve never been in the locker rooms before anyways.”  Students were hoping for locker construction to be over with as soon as P.E. classes started. Unfortunately, they weren’t. So, the P.E. coaches would give updates each day on the status of the lockers. On September 14, something changed. The coaches told the gym students that the lockers were finally ready! Students were full of excitement. According to teachers they thought construction was supposed to be done a long time ago. But thankfully locker rooms are done student a locker for P.E class.