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Madison, Cooper

                                                                                  GOALS FOR THE YEAR                                                                                  My name is Madison Cooper.People call me Maddi.I am in 8th grade at Dobie Jr High School. One of my goals this year is to focus on class more and to turn work in on time. Last year I turned work in on time for the most part except for a couple math and science papers. I want to work on this so I can get in the habit of doing my work for high school.

Another one of my goals is to be in better shape for dance and cross country.Every Thursday I take a dance class.I have been trying to run at home or when my mom is doing camp gladiator.For me it is hard to be consistent when I am doing something.Because i am running cross country in the morning that means i have to drink more water.Which is also hard for me to do.

My last goal is to get better at art.That includes drawing, painting, and coloring.I used to be pretty good at drawing but then I stopped for a couple years, so then I lost that skill.My goal is to focus more on detail and shading.I like to draw in my free time sometimes,but I think I could still do better.