This school year


Sarah Bonney, Staff reporter

Hello. My name is Sarah Bonney. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High school. School starting this year has been so much fun! I have a lot of classes with my friends and my teachers are spectacular. I do have some goals for this year though. My health and mental health could improve. I wanna do better with my work effort and studying. 


I think starting school up again was good for me, during the summer I would sit in bed all day and have no motivation to do anything. I think having a schedule again is good for my mental health but I still have some sad days I want to get better at coping with it. My physical health is very bad though, I eat very unhealthy and am in very bad shape. I wanna do better with that as well.


For the most part I understand how important my school work is, but sometimes I get a little lazy and don’t always want to do or complete my work I wanna do something about that too.I don’t think I know how to correctly study either I wanna learn for my future years.


This school year will be so much fun, I already know it! I also think it will be good for my many goals!