My summer


Kennedi Davis, Staff reporter

Hi my name is Kennedi Davis and i’m in 8th grade at Dobie Jr High.My summer was exciting and boring at the same time. I really wanted to go to south padre island this summer but everybody was really busy.My moms main goal was to take me and my sisters to Seaworld but she’s a single mom and can’t keep track of all of us in a big water park especially my 4 year old sister,Journey.

This summer since we didn’t travel we threw a pool party every Saturday and we would invite friends and family over to our gigantic pool with a waterfall.Sometimes we would order pizza for our guests.I’m pretty sure everybody had fun because they kept coming. Even our neighbors that we don’t know wanted to come and we said sure because the more the merrier. 

This summer I also practiced volleyball a lot so that I could work on my technique to make the 8th grade volleyball team. I guess my practice paid off because I made it!!