My Goals

Alina Hernandez, staff reporter

Hello my name is Alina Hernandez and I am a 7th grader at Dobie Jr High. I have some  goals that I want to complete this year. My first goal for this year is to complete the cross country season. It is hard for me to run after a long summer break after didn’t run all summer.

 The next goal that I have is tied into my first one. I want to go to at least one meet, BUT not right now only when I have a good pace and can run three miles in the time it takes me to run two(25 min. + 44 sec.)maybe less.

The next goal is about grades. I want to get all “A’s” this nine weeks becaus my grandma gives me money for good grades. This year I asked her to give it all to me at the end of the year so I can have summer money.