My Colorful Summer Break


Disney Nalder, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Disney Nalder! I’m an eighth grader at Dobie Jr. High! I love art because of the freedom it gives you, and is also what I did for one third of the summer. I just focused on the stuff I needed to focus on like anatomy and hair. Anatomy is the hardest thing to draw for me, especially since I’m a perfectionist when it comes to drawing. The best stuff I can sketch are faces and clothes. There are also sketch clubs at my school which I’m hoping to get into.

This summer I also watched tons of anime! I started seeing Fruits Basket and Bleach. Fruits Basket focuses more on emotions, while Bleach is an action based anime. I also like to watch Haikkyu, which is a volleyball anime! I also read the Pokemon manga, which is called Pokemon Special. For each generation the manga gets a new main character for example the main character the first gen was Red, but in the second generation it switched to Gold and keeps switching the MC’s. This is what I’ve been doing for a third of my summer.

Then it was lights out for me for the rest of the season. I slept in and messed up my sleep schedule. I have a passion for sleeping because I don’t want to face reality. Reality is boring and I’d rather have fun and live in the world of Pokemon or Naruto. Those universes  are chill and I can have fun with my Pocket Monsters or be a stealthy ninja protecting my village. Anyways, that wraps up my summer and what I’m like. Have a good day!