My School Goals


Alayna Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

Hello, My name is Alayna Gutierrez, and I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High. My goal for this school year, is basically to pass, like any other. Honestly, my real goal for this semester is to get at least an art club, if not, then maybe next semester, if not, then I’ll screech. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get art club, neither an art class for the whole year last year. Short story, before school ended, I was called to the counselor’s office. They had told me that I wasn’t able to get art class for the 8th grade, and I nearly cried. Though this year I am hoping I get art club for this year at some point. 

If you could tell, I am an artist, I have about 20 sketch books at home. I like to sketch during Cougar time, or just do quick draws. I like watching tutorials about how to draw the human body, or how to draw hands. I usually don’t like to color in my drawings, because I’m afraid of what it’ll do to the drawing, because of possible smudges, and accidental marks. It’s a struggle, but I love it.

Also, my other goal is to be an official perfectionist digital builder, where I build digital homes. I like to build different homes a lot. I never stay with the same house because I continue to learn more and more. It’s honestly fun, usually I look at more and more tutorials, and I also look at other people’s houses to get ideas. I do hope one day I will soon feel accomplished, proud, and happy about my build. These are my main goals for this year, and I hope I soon accomplish these goals before the year ends.